Club Member's Photos 2010

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Photos this month:

Trip to Scotland July 2010

Trip to Scotland July 2010

Photos submitted by: Karl McGovern
Karl sent in some scenic photos from the club's trip to Scotland in July.  

Click on each photo to view a larger version.

Switzerland   Switzerland
It ain't Ursula Andress! Campo emerges from the watery depths
  Off we go. Hike across the An Tealach traverse commences

Switzerland   Switzerland
Ladies time out. Clara, Eithne, Fiona and Jennifer take a well deserved break on Sail Liath
  View from Sail Liath

Switzerland   Switzerland
View from Ben Mor Assynt
  View from Arkle

Switzerland   Switzerland
What a place to have lunch! View from Arkle
  Wow! Spectacular view from Arkle