Summary of Hillwalkers Club Environment Policy

This policy is prompted by the two urgent environmental challenges posed for all of us who access Irish mountains: the impact of greater numbers involved in hillwalking; and the impending crisis of global and Irish climate change.

Guided by the principles of ‘Leave no trace’, Mountaineering Ireland’s ‘Good practice guide’, and the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report of October 2018, the policy addresses a comprehensive range of issues under two broad headings:


Ethical walking

  • Safety, preparedness and food on the mountain

  • Travel to the mountains

  • Travel to the club coach

  • Access to and courtesy in the mountains

  • Litter on the mountains

  • Threading lightly on the mountains

  • Restoring mountain paths

  • Linking with kindred organisations

  • Supporting mountain communities

  • Nurturing members’ appreciation of nature and culture in the mountains

  • Club administration: use of paper and plastic

Climate Change

  • Predicted general adverse impacts on Ireland

  • Likely impacts on mountain areas

    Conclusion - No hillwalking on a dead planet?


The policy holds that the solutions to the twin challenges of increasing pressure on Irish uplands and the imminent climate change crisis are interconnected and complementary. It concludes by stating that as a club that is dedicated to achieving an ethical approach to organised hillwalking we also have a responsibility to make our serious concerns on climate change known to government and society.

Adopted at A.G.M., 17 Oct. 2019

    The full policy can be found here: